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This page includes additional information on SDDOC related programs, policies, etc. through DOC documents, or press releases from other state agencies.


2018 Legislative Summary

Governor's Column: The Complex Issue Of Addiction

Notice on Correspondence Changes February 1, 2018 update

Notice on K9 Searches




Juvenile Justice Annual Report Released

Facility Energy Conservation Update

Vocational Education

Governor's Column:  Get Serious About Tackling Opioid Abuse

No Drone Zones


Naloxone (Narcan)

State of South Dakota Rolls Out  Nation's First Paperless Pardon Process


Governor's Column: Juvenile Justice Reforms Showing Promising Results

Oversight Council Releases Juvenile Report

Governor Signs Surplus Land Bills

Governor's Column: Stewardship

Annual Criminal Justice Report Released

2017 Legislative Summary

Governor's Column: Taking on the Meth Problem



Extension of Confinement

STAR Academy repurposing

Juvenile Diversion funds

Smart on Crime workgroup, report

Mental Health Task Force

Governor's Column: Criminal Justice Reform Update

Governor's Column: Meth Changes Everything

Meth Changes Everything Campaign Kicks Off

Governor's Column: Mental Illness and South Dakota's Criminal Justice System

Governor's Column: The Fight Against Meth

Gov. Daugaard Announces Closure of STAR Academy

Governor's Column: Implementing Juvenile Justice Reforms



PSIA Annual Report Released

Salute to Service

Performance-based Standards

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reentry Program

Facility Energy Audits


Corrections Fatigue

Corrections Canine Teams