Mike durfee state prison

long distance parenting

The Long Distance Parenting Program at Mike Durfee State Prison and at the Yankton Community Work Center began in May 2004, with classes offered in Long Distance parenting that target involvement, consistency, nurturance and awareness.  The program was developed because a large number of the inmates in prison Common Sense Parenting classes grew up without a father or a father figure themselves or didn't have positive relationships with their own children.

Fatherhood Activity Days are also held, with make-it-take-it projects, shared meals and emphasis on parent-child involvement.

In 2007, South Dakota was one of 14 states to be selected to receive a five-year grant to support Fatherhood and Families: Inside and Out, a program promoting healthy marriages.  The DOC is partnering with Lutheran Social Services and the Department of Human Services on the grant that establishes a marriage education and counseling program to serve 275 inmates and their spouses or partners per year.