Shop Descriptions


Upholstery Shop -  (605) 367-8376  


We upholster new chairs, benches, and sofas. We also reupholster old furniture with your choice of fabric after the item has been refurbished in our carpenter shop. Our full line of office seating comes with ten year guarantees and can be covered in fabric, vinyl, or leather. We will manufacture mattresses and pillows to your specifications. 


Cabinet Shop -  (605) 367-5065  


The Cabinet Shop specializes in building interior home, office, or lavatory units. We have a standard series of cabinets that we sell at a set price, or we can build any custom size at a bid price. Let us know what you would want and we will build it to suit your needs.


Garment Shop/Screen Print Shop -  (605) 369-4426   


Our Screen Print Shop can print your distinctive, specific logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, banners, tote bags, and caps.  We also produce a full line of inmate clothing.


Print Shop & Bookbindery -  (605) 367-5064   


The Print Shop can print single sheet forms, carbonless forms, posters, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, die cuttings (door hangers), letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. Our Bindery will bind meeting minutes, church bulletins, newspapers, magazines, city, and county records. Our Book Restoration Department reworks old books and textbooks.


Sign Shop -  (605) 367-5101   


We produce a full line of signs, bumper stickers, and distinctive vehicle markings and decals for city, county, state and federal agencies. We can customize all signs and decals to fit your needs.


Machine Shop - (605) 367-5015 


We produce a complete line of metal cabinets for the storage of flammable materials. We also manufacture custody furnishings and equipment, including bunk beds, locker boxes, metal tables, and belly chains. Custom jobs are welcomed as well;, just call for your metal fabrication needs. Humane live traps are also available.


Braille Unit - (605) 367-5082   


We provide Braille transcription services to the South Dakota State Library, to South Dakota students, and to those located in other states. Our Library of Congress certified transcribers specialize in textbook transcription and tactile graphics.


License Plate Shop -  (605) 367-5073   


Prison Industries works closely with the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation and Division of Motor Vehicles in the design and distribution of the license plates for the all types of vehicles and plate designs. DRR/DMV considers them a valued partner in the design and delivery of the plates.