Executive Clemency Application

The Executive Clemency Application Information and Instructions provides information regarding executive clemency and instructions on how to complete the application, forms, and other documentation required for the processing of an executive clemency request. A checklist is provided for the applicant’s use and personal records.

Note: You cannot save data typed into the application form for completion at a later time. However, you can print the pages of the application form as you complete them.

Information and Instructions





Exceptional Pardon

You can apply for Exceptional Pardon only if you meet one of the following criteria (SDCL 24-14-8):

  • you were convicted of a misdemeanor, misdemeanors or petty offense(s) and it has been more than five years since your conviction(s).

  • you have only been convicted of one felony and that felony was not punishable by life imprisonment, and it has been five years since your release from a Department of Corrections facility, or if this conviction did not result in a prison sentence and it has been 5 years since the date of offense.

*If applying for an Exceptional Pardon, use the Executive Clemency application above. However, the requirement for publication in the newspaper (Form SDPA-2) does not apply.

*If you meet the criteria for an exceptional pardon, you may also qualify for an expedited pardon, which may allow you to apply through an expedited process:


Expedited Pardon

Qualifying offenses:

  • Class II Misdemeanors and Petty Offenses >5yrs old (No other offenses within the last five years, excluding traffic offenses).

  • Nonviolent Class I Misdemeanors > 10 yrs old (No other offenses within the last five years, excluding traffic offenses). 

  • If you have a felony, violent misdemeanor(s) or are requesting restoration of firearms, you are not eligible for an expedited pardon.

  • Expedited Pardons cannot be used for speeding tickets.

If applying for an expedited pardon, use the application below.

Expedited Pardon Instructions

Expedited Pardon Application

Expedited Pardon Forms

Expedited Pardon Checklist