News From the Department of Corrections

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5/1    Inmate Marlon Dumarce Back in Custody




4/28    State Prison Inmate Robert White Plume-Janis on Escape Status

4/25    State Prison Inmate Matthew Weddell Back in Custody

4/18    State Prison Inmate Robert Murray Dies

4/13     Inmates Travis Mann and Matthew Weddell Placed on Escape Status

4/12     State Prison Inmate Ralph Buchhold Dies



3/27  Inmate Marlon Dumarce on Escape Status

3/20   Inmate Gregory Harrison Back in Custody

3/18  Inmate Cynthia Thompson Dies




2/7    Inmate Gregory Harrison on Escape Status




1-6   Inmate Lydell Black Spotted Horse Placed on Escape Status

1-8   Inmate Michael LeClaire Placed on Escape Status

1-9   Inmate Lydell Black Spotted Horse In Custody

1/17  Inmate Michael LeClaire Back in Custody