interstate Compact

In 2001, the Legislature passed legislation allowing South Dakota to participate in a revised Interstate Compact covering adult offender supervision.

Under the revised Interstate Compact, approved offenders on probation and parole in one state can move to another state and be supervised by the receiving state.

There are approximately four million people on probation and parole supervision in the U.S. About 250,000 of those people are supervised outside the state in which they are sentenced.

The revised compact created an Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision, with one voting member from each state. The commission holds rule making authority and enforcement powers regarding the compact matters in participating states. The revised compact also required each state to have a State Council made up of representatives of each branch of government, victims rights groups and a State Compact Administrator, who is the state's representative on the Interstate Commission.

South Dakota's state council is made up of the following:

State Senator Craig Tieszen;
Circuit Court Judge Mark Barnett;
Denny Kaemingk, Secretary of Corrections;
Nancy Allard, Director of Trial Court Services;
Doug Clark, Director of Parole;
Brian Zeeb, Division of Criminal Investigation
Krista Heeren-Graber, Victims Advocate


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