frequent Questions

Juvenile Telephone Access

Are juveniles committed to the DOC allowed to make phone calls?

Yes. All juveniles are eligible for either one incoming or outgoing phone call per week in accordance to the policies of each program/facility.

The date of the first phone call depends on the date a juvenile enters a DOC facility. Each program has their own guidelines for when phone calls can take place.

Are there limits when calls can be made and on the length of the calls?

Yes. Each program shall provide the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the juvenile with a written document indicating the established time for phone calls within ten days of admission to a juvenile corrections program.

All calls will be up to ten minutes in duration.

What if the family can't call or receive a call during the scheduled time?

The CEO of the program or their designee can authorize special arrangements. Families that don't have access to a phone or can't afford one can contact the Juvenile Corrections Agent for assistance.

Who pays for the calls?

Outgoing calls are paid for by the DOC. Incoming calls are at the expense of the calling party.

Are calls monitored/recorded?

Yes. All calls may be monitored and recorded.