Inmate Work Program


In 1997, there were 92 state buildings that needed roof repair or replacement. Governor Bill Janklow made the decision to have inmate crews trained to replace roofs on state buildings throughout the state.

Initially, the state Department of Corrections hired one roofer to begin the process and to ascertain whether there would be significant savings using inmates to complete this work. The program demonstrated during the first year that inmates could do the work and there would be significant savings. The work completed the first year was shingle type roofs.

In 1998, the state hired and trained three additional roofers. The state also contracted with a consultant to train the supervisors and the crews on the application and installation of single-ply rubber roofs. These roofs are presently the state of the art in flat roofs. They require no ballast material and are easily installed. The rubber application also offers the option of installing additional insulation in the form of a fiberboard that the rubber is laid on.

In addition to the state buildings, inmate roofing crews have roofed every building and the cabins associated with the Sylvan Lake Lodge in Custer State Park. They have also done other roofing projects for the Game, Fish and Parks in Rapid City Fish Hatchery, Richmond Lake, Palisades Park, Newton Hills Park, the Adams Homested and Platte Creek.

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Inmates re-roof a state building in Pierre.

Inmates re-roof a state building in Pierre.

Inmates roof a state building in Pierre.