Listed below are the Department of Corrections policies. The list of policies includes the policy name and number, which unit or units (Adult, Juvenile or All) that a particular policy impacts and whether the policy is for public distribution. For safety and security reasons, those policies marked as "Non-Public" are not made available to offenders in the care and custody of the Department of Corrections and are also not available online.

The Board of Pardons and Paroles policies are also listed below.

DISCLAIMER: The Department of Corrections makes all reasonable efforts to assure the policies on this website are current. However, users should not rely on this information to be absolute.

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Department of Corrections Policies

Administration and Management

Units Distribution
1.1.A.01 Mission, Vision and Values All Public
1.1.A.2 Policy and Procedure Process Regulation All Public
1.1.A.03 Staff Reporting Info to DOC Administration and Risk Management All Public
1.1.A.04 Relationship with News Media Public and Other Agencies All Public
1.1.A.05 Legal-Service, Tracking, and Dissemination of Legal Documents All Public
1.1.A.06 Juvenile Delegation of Authority Juvenile Public
1.1.A.07 Offender Identification Procedures Adult Public
1.1.A.10 Offender Sweat Lodge Accounts Adult Public
1.1.A.11 Offender Group Accounts Adult Public
1.1.B.01 Fiscal Management All Public
1.1.B.2 Offender Accounts & Financial Responsibility All Public                 
1.1.B.03 Pheasantland Industries Sales to State Employees All  Public
1.1.B.04 Correctional Industries Adult Public
1.1.B.05 Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program Adult Public
1.1.B.06 Pheasantland Industries Business Management Adult Public
1.1.B.07 Pheasantland Industries Payment Procedures Adult Public
1.1.B.08 Procurement Management All Public
1.1.C.1 Staff Code of Ethics All Public
1.1.C.3 Staff Reporting Abuse or Neglect All Public
1.1.C.04 Staff Grievances All Public
1.1.C.05 Staff Dress and Grooming Standards All Public
1.1.C.06 Staff Outside Employment All Public
1.1.C.07 Staff Hepatitis B Vaccinations All Public
1.1.C.08 Staff Tuberculosis Testing and Exposure Control Plan All Public
1.1.C.10 Staff Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy All Public
1.1.C.12 Staff Use of State Computer Equipment and Technology All Public
1.1.C.13 Screening of Staff,Volunteers and Contractors for Prior Sexual Abuse  All Public
1.1.C.14 Staff Allowance for Use of Personal Remote Access Devices All Public
1.1.C.15 Influenza Vaccine Control Plan All Public
1.1.C.18 DOC Staff Attendance Adult Public
1.1.D.1 Staff Training Requirements All Public
1.1.D.2 Juvenile Division Staff Training Juvenile Public
1.1.D.03 Facility Access & ID Requirements Adult Public
1.1.E.01 Adult Offender Case Records Content and Management Adult Public
1.1.E.02 Date Computation Adult Public
1.1.E.03 Offender Access to DOC Records Adult Public
1.1.E.04 Adult Offender Victim Notification Adult Public
1.1.E.05 Offender Criminal History Adult Public
1.1.E.7 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) All Public
1.1.F.01 Research Activities All Public

Physical Plant

Units Distribution
1.2.A.01 Fire Prevention All Public
1.2.A.03 Institutional Sanitation and Safety Inspections All Public
1.2.E.01 Offender Commissary Adult Public
1.2.G.01 Tool Control Adult Public

Institutional/Agency Operations

Units Distribution
1.3.A.02 Offender Counts Adult Public
1.3.A.03 Use of Force Adult Non-Public
1.3.A.05 Searches-Institutions Adult Public
1.3.A.07 Offender Transport & Escort  Adult Non-Public
1.3.A.08 Offender Drug Testing, Sanctions and Treatment Adult Public
1.3.A.09 Facility Security Audits Adult Non-Public
1.3.A.11  Post Orders Adult Public
1.3.A.13 Staff Use and Control of Firearms Adult Non-Public
1.3.A.14 Canine Teams Adult Public
1.3.A.17 Duty Officer Adult Public
1.3.A.18 Offender Release Procedure Adult Public
1.3.A.19 Offender Transfers Between Institutions Adult  Public
1.3.B.01 Emergency Response All Public
1.3.B.3 Mutual Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies All Public
1.3.B.04 Control Use and Disposal of Hazardous Materials All Public
1.3.B.06 Critical Message Notification All Non-Public
1.3.B.08 Capital Punishment Procedures Adult Non-Public
1.3.C.02 Offender Discipline System Adult Public
1.3.C.04 Offender Personal Property Adult Public
1.3.C.07 Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarettes-Use and Possession All Public
1.3.C.08 Publications All Public
1.3.C.10 Offender DNA Collection All Public
1.3.C.12 Sex Offender Registration All Public
1.3.D.05 Marriage of an Offender Adult Public
1.3.D.06 Prison Rape Elimination Act Adult Public
1.3.D.07 Grievance Procedure Adult Public
1.3.E.1 Offender Access to the Courts Adult Public

Institutional/Agency Services

1.4.A.1 Inmate Photo Identification Adult Public
1.4.A.03 Sex Offender Management Program Adult Public
1.4.A.05 Management of Gender Dysphoria Adult Non-Public
1.4.B.1 Individual Program Directives (IPD) Adult Public
1.4.B.17 Offender Earned Discharge Credits Adult Public
1.4.B.18 Restrictive Housing Adult Public
1.4.E.5 Inmate Health Records All Public
1.4.E.6 Death of an Offender or Unresponsive Offender All Public
1.4.E.7 Offender Suicide Prevention and Intervention All Public
1.4.G.1 Offender Release Planning and Transition to Parole Adult Public

Offender Programs

1.5.A.01 Offender Work Assignments and Pay Adult Public
1.5.A.05 Work Release Adult Public
1.5.A.7 Offender Use of Computers Adult Public
1.5.A.13 Offender Admission Adult Public
1.5.A.14 Offender Photo Identification Adult Public
1.5.B.01 Offender Classification Adult  Public
1.5.B.02 Offender Interstate Compact-Institutions Adult  Public
1.5.B.03 System Risk Level Adult Public
1.5.C.01 Medical and Religious Diets Adult Public
1.5.F.05 Mother Infant Program Adult Public
1.5.F.06 Withholding of Parole Eligibiilty for Sex Offenders Adult Public
1.5.F.07 Extension of Confinement Adult Public
1.5.G.01 Parole Financial Obligations and Supervision Fees Adult Public
1.5.G.04 Parole-Community Risk Assessment and Supervision of Offenders Adult Public
1.5.G.06 Parole Services-Response to Violations Adult Public
1.5.G.08 Parole Services- Detain and Arrest on Violation  Adult Public
1.5.G.09 Parole- Preliminary Hearings Adult Public
1.5.G.10 Parole- GPS and Sobriety Monitoring Adult Public
1.5.G.11 Parole-Absconder Management Adult Public
1.5.G.12 Offender Compassionate Parole Adult Public
1.5.H.01 Juvenile Services Safety Guidelines Juvenile Public
1.5.H.02 Juvenile Transport & Staff Use of Restraints Juvenile Non-Public
1.5.H.03 Use of Force-Juvenile Services  Juvenile Non-Public
1.5.H.4 Juvenile Services Aftercare and Discharge Juvenile Public
1.5.H.5 Classification, Assessment and Program Planning Juvenile Public
1.5.H.6 Search and Seizure-Juvenile Juvenile Public
1.5.H.7 Juvenile Division Staff PREA Reporting Guidelines Juvenile Public
1.5.H.08 Juvenile Victim Notification Juvenile Public
1.5.H.09 Juvenile Crime Information Center Entry Process Juvenile Public
1.5.H.12 Aftercare Interstate Compact Juvenile Public
1.5.H.13 Records Retention-Juvenile Services Juvenile Public
1.5.H.14  Management of Youth With Sexual Behavior Issues  Juvenile Public
1.5.H.15 Juvenile Intake Process Juvenile Public
1.5.H.16 Adjudicated Delinquents and Children in Need of Supervision Juvenile Public
1.5.H.17 Juvenile Out of State Placement Juvenile Public
1.5.H.18 Aftercare-Supervision and Sanctioning Guidelines Juvenile Public
1.6.A.01 Medical Scope of Service  Adult Public
1.6.A.02 Dental Scope of Service Adult Public
1.6.A.04 Offender Health Examinations Adult  Public
1.6.A.06 Clinical Services Copayment program Adult Public
1.6.A.07 Communicable Disease and Infection Control  Adult Public
1.6.A.08 Management of Offenders Diagnosed with HIV or AIDS Adult  Public
1.6.A.11 Offender Hospitalization Adult Public
1.6.A.12 Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Reduction Adult Public
1.6.A.13 Alcohol and Drug Service Program Adult Public
1.6.A.18 Staff Use of Naloxone Adult Public
1.6.A.19 Offender Hunger Strike Adult Public
1.6.B.01 Responsibility and Organization of Clinical Services Adult Public
1.7.A.01 Offender Operation of Vehicles Adult Public
1.7.A.02 Springfield Vocational Industries  Adult Public
1.7.C.01 Offender Recreation Adult Public
1.7.D.01 Offender Visiting Adult  Public
1.7.D.02 Offender Access to Telephones and Tablets Adult Public
1.7.D.03 Offender Correspondence Adult  Public
1.7.F.01 Offender Religious and Cultural Activities Adult Public

Board of Pardons and Paroles Policies

Units Distribution
8.1.A.1 News Media and Cameras at Parole Board Hearings Board Public
8.1.A.2 Parole and Suspended Sentence Revocation Hearings Board Public
8.1.A.4 Parole Date Review Board Public
8.1.A.5 Parole Board Decisions and Setting of Next Review Dates Board Public
8.1.A.6 Code of Ethics Board Public
8.1.A.7 Early Discharges Board Public
8.1.A.8 Witholding Parole, Restitution Hearing, Compassionate Parole Board Public
8.1.A.9 Execuitve Clemency-Pardons Board Public
8.1.A.10 Executive Clemency-Commutations Board Public
8.1.A.11 Withholding of Parole Eligibility Board Public
8.1.A.13 Rescission of Parole Board Public
8.1.A.14 Evidence-based Practices Training Board Public
8.1.A.15 Suspended Sentence Status Report Board Public
8.1.A.16 Compassionate Parole Board Public