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 We can design a solution to most any circumstance. Your ideas plus our design and ingenuity, combined with our reasonable prices equals success for both of us. Please give one of our shops a call or drop them an e-mail. We are happy to be of service.

We provide high quality, low cost products and services to South Dakota state agencies, federal agencies, nonprofits, and state employees. 


Our Mission Our Vision
Pheasantland Industries is an enterprise fund within the South Dakota Department of Corrections that offers more than just great products and exceptional service. We take pride in our workforce by supporting pathways to instill marketable job skills by providing the training, development and dedication required in creating unique products for our customers. A nationally recognized leader in correctional industries that is setting the standard and redefining incarceration with its team approach in providing purpose to its workforce while leveraging community-based partnerships to maximize potential for their success.

Our Values

  • People: We value our workforce, customers and community partners and will devote the resources to develop strong bonds with each.
  • Hard Work: We value the hard work and the rewards that come with going beyond what is expected.
  • Dedication: We value enthusiasm in and commitment to everything we do.
  • Teamwork: We value a collaborative workplace where our strengths and talents are harnessed to achieve success and support our mission.
  • Creativity: We value creativity and promote an environment where inspiration and ingenuity flourish.
  • Quality: We recognize excellence and pride as our hallmarks.
  • Talent: We encourage an environment where hidden abilities are recognized and cultivated into valuable skills.
  • Diversity: We celebrate diversity and value the contributions and experiences of our workforce.


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