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South dakota state penitentiary

Darin Young, Warden

FY 2021 Fact Sheet

The South Dakota State Penitentiary is located in northern Sioux Falls, occupying approximately thirty acres. First constructed as a territorial prison in 1881, it became the South Dakota State Penitentiary when South Dakota was granted statehood in 1889. Though a large portion of the original buildings remain, numerous structural changes have occurred over the years.

The main Penitentiary facility contains three housing units. The G. Norton Jameson Annex opened in February 1993. The Jameson Annex contains three housing units within a secure perimeter and a Community Work Center for inmates on work release and community service status and parolees in the Community Transition Program, which is located outside the perimeter fence.

Inmate employment within the Penitentiary falls into two basic categories; institutional support and prison industries. Institutional support includes those employed in food service, as clerks for various departments, as cell orderlies and those working in maintenance. Prison Industries consists of upholstery, printing, sign, decal, license plates, carpentry, book bindery, machine shop, Braille unit, garments and data entry. All but the garment and data entry work is done at the Penitentiary. Most of the work is done for government agencies.

Inmates are offered literacy, Adult Basic Education and GED classes.

The state Department of Health provides medical, dental and optometric services for the adult corrections system.    Correctional Health

The state Department of Social Services provides mental health and chemical dependency services.         Correctional Behavioral Health

Treatment is also offered for sex offenders.


Address: 1600 North Drive
PO Box 5911
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
Phone: (605) 367-5051
Fax: (605) 367-5038

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