Adult COrrections

Inmate Work Program


Offenders may be assigned to any work in which the State of South Dakota or any of its political subdivisions are engaged in, or have an interest in, pursuant to South Dakota Codified Law 24-4-7.

Each offender who is physically and mentally able, may be assigned to institutional work. In addition, eligible offenders may pursue full or part-time work opportunities within Pheasantland Industries (PI), private employment through the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP), or work release.

Offenders may receive monetary compensation for work performed under SDCL 24-4-7, pursuant to SDCL 24-4-9, or be required to perform reasonable institutional work assignments without compensation as a condition of confinement or a sanction for misconduct.

Offenders do not have an implied right or expectation to work in any particular job or assignment. Offenders assigned to any work program are not employees covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. All offenders assigned to work must have a valid Social Security number that has been verified.