inmate work program

local projects

The term Community Service in a correctional setting means providing services where the public as a whole benefits. The South Dakota Community Service Program has accomplished work in the community and under the direction and supervision of the local municipal or county employees.

Typically, inmates are involved in projects in the communities that are near or home to state correctional facilities. In many instances, these jobs provide the DOC a means to provide a source of skilled and unskilled temporary labor for the community. Inmates doing work for state government benefit all the taxpayers of South Dakota. Therefore, whenever possible, inmates are used to the benefit of the greatest number of South Dakota’s citizens.

Only a few of the local community service projects are continuous on a daily basis. Some projects are seasonal, some are annual and some are on a one-time basis. Many communities use inmate labor to accomplish priority needs that would otherwise be deferred if this labor were not available.

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Female Inmate Mowing Lawn Female Inmates Trimming The Grass
Women's Prison inmates mowing for the City of Pierre. Women's Prison inmates trimming weeds in Pierre.
Inmate laying tile in Hot Springs school. Inmates cleaning up the Missouri River near Yankton.
Inmates re-tiled the floors in the Hot Springs school. Yankton inmates assist with the annual Missouri River clean-up.