News From the Department of Corrections

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June 1, 2020  State Prison Inmate Lorenzo Benallie Dies


April 24, 2020  Darren Berg named Women's Prison Warden

April 17, 2020  Inmate Sylvia Red Leaf in Custody

April 3, 2020  Inmate producing utility personal protective equipment for correctional, medical staff


March 25, 2020    Three additional female inmates in custody  

March 24, 2020    Three inmates in custody

March 24, 2020    Search underway for female minimum-security inmates

March 5, 2020      Inmate Ira Wright Back in Custody


February 12, 2020  Staff Member at State Penitentiary Assaulted by Inmate

February 3, 2020 Inmate David Stansbury Death




January 22, 2020  Inmate David Iron Cloud Placed on Esape Status

January 14, 2020  Inmate Richard Barela Back in Custody

January 3, 2020  Inmate Daniel Ducret death

January 3, 2020  Inmate Richard Barela Placed on Escape Status