Juvenile Corrections

Performance based standards project

The Department of Corrections Juvenile Division participates in the Performance based Standards (PbS) Project administered by the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA). The PbS project ensures quality care in its facilities as it pertains to conditions of confinement and as it relates to reintegration standards for youth transitioning back to the community.

The main goals of the PbS Project are to:

  • Develop a set of standards that individual facilities should strive to meet.
  • Create tools to help facilities attain these goals through regular self-assessment and self-improvement.
  • Allow facilities to evaluate their performance over time and in comparison to other facilities nationwide.
  • Promote effective practices and help facilities support each other.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections was accepted into the Performance-based Standards Project in April 2001 with four sites participating. In October 2002, South Dakota added two girls units for PbS participation: QUEST and ExCEL. Currently, South Dakota has six facilities at the State Treatment and Rehabilitation Academy (STAR) near Custer participating in the PbS project, and have integrated into the project the community-based juvenile corrections agents in regards to reintegration standards. Governor Mike Rounds issued an executive order in January 2003 requiring the state to participate in the project and report regularly on the results to the state legislature.

Twice each year, site coordinators at each program gather data, including:

  • An Administrative report that assesses daily population and human resource data
    such as staff misconduct.
  • File reviews of all juveniles who were released to aftercare during the month of data collection.
  • Direct interview with 30 juveniles and 30 direct care staff from each facility. These individuals are randomly selected by CJCA from a list of all juveniles and direct care staff currently at each facility.
  • Review of all incident reports that occur in all participating facilities during the month
    of data collection.
  • Collection of Reintegration information provided by each juvenile’s JCA (Juvenile Correction Agent).

The data collected is included in an annual report to the Governor and Legislature. This report provides a summary of each program and their performance as it relates to the outcome measures. It also shows the graph reports of each program performance and how it compares to the other facility sites that participate in the project.

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2012 PbS Report
2011 PbS Report
2010 PbS Report
2009 PbS Report
2008 PbS Report


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To learn more about the PbS project, visit the CJCA website.